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All About Weighbridges in Australia

National authorities and business owners need to have a record of the goods that come into and out of their facilities. In the trucking industry, the value of large cargo can be ascertained by its weight. However, since truckloads can be cumbersome to weigh individually, people typically use weighbridges for the task.

Weighbridges are used to determine the weight of goods on board transport vehicles. This can be done by measuring the vehicle before and after loading the goods and using the difference to define the weight.

Moreover, a weighbridge can be used to determine whether a vehicle has been overloaded or meets the local weight of axle transport regulations. If you are in the market for a new weighbridge, here are a few points to consider.

Types of Weighbridges

The type of weighbridge you choose to install is not only determined by your preference and budget but also the amount of space and conditions of your site. While there are many variations and designs of weighbridges, they all typically fall into the categories below.

  1. Above-Ground Weighbridges
  2. In-Ground Weighbridges
  3. Semi-Pit Weighbridges
  4. Portable Weighbridges

Above-ground weighbridges are the least expensive because they don’t need foundations or building works to be set up. However, this type of weighbridge requires a considerable amount of space to layout ramps and steelworks.

In-ground weighbridges are built under the ground level and require massive construction to be carried out. They are suitable for sites with limited space and obstacles such as buildings.

Semi pit weighbridges vary slightly from in-ground weighbridges in that they are built to lie flush with the ground level. These weighbridges require the least amount of space and not as much civil works or excavations as the conventional in-ground weighbridge.

Portable weighbridges are typically designed for complex applications where it is easier to transport the weighbridge from site to site rather than moving the loaded trucks. Portable weighbridges are commonly used in the logging and construction industries.

Weighing Methods

Heavy-duty trucks and trailers vary in size and configuration and may not always fit in between the ramps of your weighbridge. Therefore weighbridges typically use the following two weighing methods.

  1. Direct Weighing is the simplest and most accurate method of weighing trucks because the entire vehicle fits on the scale and is weighed at once.
  2. End-and-end weighing is used when the vehicle is too long for the scale. The process is carried out by weighing the front and rear parts of the truck separately. However, in order to use your weighbridge using end-and-end measurement methods in Australia, you will need approval from the National Measurement Institute (NMI).

Type of Weighbridge Deck

The weighbridge deck is the platform where the trucks stop to be weighed. The deck can be made of steel or concrete depending on the environmental conditions, owner’s preferences and budget.

While steel may be easier to deploy, concrete weighbridge decks are more durable and resistant to extreme rains and possible corrosion. Nevertheless, concrete has higher construction demands such as additional time pouring the mixtures, curing time, and manpower.

There are several other features that you may need to familiarize yourself with when dealing with weighbridges. If you learn more about weighbridges, you will be able to make better choices when building or buying a system for your site.

For insight, you can visit various private and public weighbridges and talk to the operators to learn about their experiences firsthand. Before you make a final decision on the weighbridge you want, it is valuable to consider whether it is compliant with all the regulations and standards of your region of implementation.

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