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Different Types of Weighbridges Explained

Weighbridges are platforms that are used to determine the weight of heavy-duty trucks, trailers, buses and other large vehicles. They are suitable for weighing vehicles in transit as they ferry goods in and out of production or distribution centres. According to the Australian National Measurement Institute (NMI), at least $750 billion worth of goods and utilities in the country are traded based on measurements such as weight.

In order to promote accuracy in measurements, you cannot …

All About Weighbridges in Australia

National authorities and business owners need to have a record of the goods that come into and out of their facilities. In the trucking industry, the value of large cargo can be ascertained by its weight. However, since truckloads can be cumbersome to weigh individually, people typically use weighbridges for the task.

Weighbridges are used to determine the weight of goods on board transport vehicles. This can be done by measuring the vehicle before and …

Importance of Wheel Weigh to Measure Heavy Goods Vehicles Axle Loads

Wheel weigh pads are used to determine the total gross weight and individual axle weights of any type of vehicle. Typically, an axle weigh pad system consists of a couple of 20-tonne portable weigh pads weighing around 5 kilograms, and a weight indicator with the printer. These devices are generally used to determine whether the vehicle is within the legal weight limits for travelling on Aussie roads. If the driver is found to exceed …

Five Things to ‘Weigh-up’ Before Buying Scales

Buying a scale may sometimes be a thorn in the flesh because there are several factors that you need to consider to make the right choice. Many people take price as the most significant factor when deciding to choose a scale. This is not advisable; in fact, a low-price tag on a scale can mean lower quality. This article will highlight and discuss the essential factors that you should consider.

Your Application

The question …

Common Weighbridge Applications

Most popular weighbridge uses
Throughout the years, weighbridge technology has evolved from simple mechanical systems to complex advanced structures. Weighbridges exist in a myriad of sizes and have multiple functions and applications. From a commercial perspective, weighbridges are the validating force between cost and load weight. A weighbridge is an accurate way to weigh the load of large vehicles and sizeable content.

In order to know the weight of trucking loads, companies need a way to safely …

Buying a weighbridge

7 Factors to consider when making the purchase
When purchasing a weighbridge, there are several decisions to consider when doing your due diligence on the research.  First, always work with a reputable manufacturer that features standard warranty, service and customer support.  Be sure to not purchase equipment from businesses with a faulty reputation. Weighbridges are sound investments that can do wonders for your business but should be looked into thoroughly.

Let’s review some important points to consider …

How would you go about weighing a caterpillar?









Well if it’s a CATERPILLAR-745 Articulated Dump Truck, which is the cornerstone of heavy earthmoving and construction sites around the You would start by enlisting the expertise of National Weighing & Instruments.

When CPB Contractors were looking to weigh material for the RALPH 1 phase of the Moorebank Intermodal Facility, they contacted National Weighing & Instruments for advice.
In order to meet the heavy loads & high vehicle volume …

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