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Common Weighbridge Applications

Most popular weighbridge uses
Throughout the years, weighbridge technology has evolved from simple mechanical systems to complex advanced structures. Weighbridges exist in a myriad of sizes and have multiple functions and applications. From a commercial perspective, weighbridges are the validating force between cost and load weight. A weighbridge is an accurate way to weigh the load of large vehicles and sizeable content.

In order to know the weight of trucking loads, companies need a way to safely …

Buying a weighbridge

7 Factors to consider when making the purchase
When purchasing a weighbridge, there are several decisions to consider when doing your due diligence on the research.  First, always work with a reputable manufacturer that features standard warranty, service and customer support.  Be sure to not purchase equipment from businesses with a faulty reputation. Weighbridges are sound investments that can do wonders for your business but should be looked into thoroughly.

Let’s review some important points to consider …

How would you go about weighing a caterpillar?









Well if it’s a CATERPILLAR-745 Articulated Dump Truck, which is the cornerstone of heavy earthmoving and construction sites around the You would start by enlisting the expertise of National Weighing & Instruments.

When CPB Contractors were looking to weigh material for the RALPH 1 phase of the Moorebank Intermodal Facility, they contacted National Weighing & Instruments for advice.
In order to meet the heavy loads & high vehicle volume …


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