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Buying a weighbridge

7 Factors to consider when making the purchase

When purchasing a weighbridge, there are several decisions to consider when doing your due diligence on the research.  First, always work with a reputable manufacturer that features standard warranty, service and customer support.  Be sure to not purchase equipment from businesses with a faulty reputation. Weighbridges are sound investments that can do wonders for your business but should be looked into thoroughly.

Let’s review some important points to consider when buying a weighbridge. 

1. Preference

We highly recommend always seeking expert advice from sales reps or at manufacturer sites. Educating yourself on the market options will only serve you right in making a selection.  There are many different weighbridge types on the market, with two major groups including in ground or above ground systems.  On top of these capacity capabilities, size, space are all a part of the decision making process.

2. Cost

Don’t just think about the initial price for your weighbridge, but the entire cost of ownership. You may find a machine that is easy on the wallet, but it may present costlier problems further in its lifecycle. Unexpected repairs happen but replacement parts year over year can add up.  Invest in a machine that is high quality.

3. Market Validation

Just like restaurants or car mechanics, you check reviews and third-party sites to give you a sense of the level of service to be provided.  Nothing beats hearing the opinion of other customers and even other manufacturers.  A powerful testimony from tradeshows or other happy users can give you great insight on what to expect from an equipment capability standpoint.

Service providers for weighbridges are also goldmines for resources when it comes to buying a weighbridge. You can get expert advice from technicians and representatives that see all different kinds of scales.

Locally in Australia, National Weighbridges is a service provider that performs turnkey service on weighbridges. Whether its calibration, software maintenance, or major mechanical axle repair work, National Weighbridges Instruments can make your life easy, when shopping for a new weighbridge. 

4. Supply Chain

Like cars, you want to make sure you deal with an established manufacturer with resources to provide proper warranty. Even more important than the warranty offering is a viable supplier that has a long-term roadmap for replacement parts. Junction boxes, instrumentation, electronics, and load cells all go through maintenance issues so it’s best to buy from a company that has parts for years to come.  

5. Reputable Manufacturer

 Your chosen manufacturer should always provide optimal service from the sales process to a service call. A distinguished manufacturer will have quality components and materials used in their machine making process. Quality assurance is important, and a reputable company will be able to produce documents that demonstrate a structured manufacturing process.

6. Software and Data Management and User Interface

Software is a vital component to modern weighbridge systems. Software manages data capture and the entire measuring and weighing process. The control software has a variety of integrations that can enhance your system for years to come.

Data is also logged and recorded in large amounts within servers that are connected to the weighbridge. You want to make sure you can use the systems and that the systems can integrate with your existing work order schemes. 

7. Scalable Systems

Since weighbridges can be quite the investment, a future proof system is something to consider. Working with a manufacturer that supply, install, test and certify new weighbridges is a something to highly consider. One that will continue to operate in top working order, will make the ownership much easier.  Companies like these will make sure you receive the necessary instrumentation and software upgrades for years to come, eliminating the opportunity for faulty errors.

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