Five Things to ‘Weigh-up’ Before Buying Scales

Buying a scale may sometimes be a thorn in the flesh because there are several factors that you need to consider to make the right choice. Many people take price as the most significant factor when deciding to choose a scale. This is not advisable; in fact, a low-price tag on a scale can mean lower quality. This article will highlight and discuss the essential factors that you should consider.

Your Application

The question …

Common Weighbridge Applications

Most popular weighbridge uses
Throughout the years, weighbridge technology has evolved from simple mechanical systems to complex advanced structures. Weighbridges exist in a myriad of sizes and have multiple functions and applications. From a commercial perspective, weighbridges are the validating force between cost and load weight. A weighbridge is an accurate way to weigh the load of large vehicles and sizeable content.

In order to know the weight of trucking loads, companies need a way to safely …

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