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Importance of Wheel Weigh to Measure Heavy Goods Vehicles Axle Loads

Wheel weigh pads are used to determine the total gross weight and individual axle weights of any type of vehicle. Typically, an axle weigh pad system consists of a couple of 20-tonne portable weigh pads weighing around 5 kilograms, and a weight indicator with the printer. These devices are generally used to determine whether the vehicle is within the legal weight limits for travelling on Aussie roads. If the driver is found to exceed the maximum legal axle weight then he/she may be reported for prosecution or issued with a fixed penalty notice.

At National Weighbridges and Instruments, we offer a large selection of portable and permanent weighbridges including a number of weighbridge indicators.

Axle weighing is a technique of measuring a vehicle’s weight and one that should never be overlooked. Many people ask why is using a high-quality wheel weigh pads essential for your vehicle. Here are five plausible reasons.

1. Avoid Penalties

Exceeding a vehicle’s maximum axle weight in a punishable offence and could lead to substantial fines or penalties depending on the driver’s circumstances. If this maximum axle weight exceeds more than one tonne, you may incur a charge. Using a portable weighbridge can help you determine the total weight of your vehicle allowing you to regulate according to the required weight of commercial vehicles. Most importantly, maintaining the required vehicle weight prevents the vehicle from causing any undue stress on the road surface.

2. Avoid Damaging the Road Surfaces

An unbalanced axle weight vehicle can damage roads, especially in case of commercial vehicles, as they usually carry heavier loads than their consumer counterparts. The primary aspect of designing road structures is their tolerance to pressure. This is the reason vehicles are manufactured in keeping in mind the maximum legal axle weights. Hence, it should not be exceeded in any case. Large vehicles carrying heavy weights are known to be more harmful to roads. That is why measuring the axle weight before hitting the road is necessary. If you regularly transport from one region to another carrying heavier loads, you must check the wheel axle weight using robust wheel weigh pads to ensure that your vehicle avoids damaging the road surface.

3. Avoid Damaging your Own Vehicle

In addition to harming the road surfaces, overloading on one or more than one axles can damage your vehicle itself. Even though many of the components within large commercial vehicles have high-stress tolerance and are incredibly durable, these still have extreme thresholds, which must be obeyed. Overlooking the weight distribution of your vehicle on a regular basis can damage tyres, drive shafts, and axles among many other parts as a result of overloading. This can lead to several complications including the complete replacement of specific components. On the other hand, the excessive payload can considerably change the entire driving experience. Hence, it is vital to measure the weight of the vehicle to ensure your vehicle’s safety.

4. Cost Savings

Excessive payload means the vehicle becomes much less economical. This is because more massive load puts pressure on the engine, making it use more fuel to move at the same speed. This only increases the vehicle’s fuel consumption. It can become a large financial burden over time and can harm your company’s profit margins.

5. Protecting Drivers

The primary reason why measuring the weight of the vehicle is important is that excessive payload can create an imbalanced load, preventing the rear wheels from making contact with the surface altogether. The excessive payload also hinders a vehicle’s stability and braking capabilities making it more susceptible to crashes.

There are plenty of wheel weigh pads available both portable and permanent. Having a portable wheel weigh pads allow you to measure your vehicle’s maximum axle weight on the go so that you comply with the rules and regulations.

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