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What you need to know Bilanciai SBP/M – SBP/M-SB Steel Weighbridge

Weighing bridges are an important installation for both private companies and public road management companies. It’s common to see weighing station before interstate roads and bridges. Considering the structural limitations of roads, weighing stations provide accurate information on the weight of trucks for clearance to use particular routes. Each road has its weight requirements and overloading leads to damage especially along weak areas like bridges and overpasses.

Moreover, road safety laws require trucks to carry goods within the required capacity as stated by the manufacturer. Overloading endangers the driver and other road users. Weighing bridges also provide important information for taxation purposes and the issue of road use permits. Finally, the weight of a truck registered in weighing stations helps both public and private companies monitor the movement of their goods along the routes. The monitoring is important for certain goods like oil that are siphoned or stolen in transit.

Numerous scales are used to register the weight of trucks but the Bilanciai SBP steel weighbridge stands out as one of the best scales. When it comes to design, the weighing bridge outdoes many of its competitors. Both the Bilanciai SBP/M and SBP/M-SB have modular designs that facilitate handling, transportation and assembly of the structure. The weighing bridge has a robust steel structure that makes the entire unit resistant to harsh and stressful conditions ranging from bad weather to frequent use.

The Bilanciai is renowned for registering accurate measurements on all weight functions. The weighing system has stainless steel compression load cells that change physical weight into readable measurements. The load cells come in both digital and analogue versions. The accuracy of the cells is unquestionable with consistent performance on each use. The steel weighbridge also has an electric weight terminal for the display of weight readings and other functions. Addition of auxiliary components gives valuable information for the driver and the weighing bridge operator. The weighing bridge has multi-range versions for consistency and accuracy over a wide range of weight. The unit can be hooked up to electronic indicators and printers with the option of wireless connection to a control centre. Off-grid weighing bridges are powered by solar systems ensuring unhindered performance.

For longevity, the Bilanciai SBP/M and SBP/M-SB have unique functionalities that ensure the unit is in perfect shape. All critical components are assessed through a real-time diagnostic system that reports any faults. Moreover, the load cells are easily accessible for routine maintenance and cleaning. Trapped water and debris hinder the functionalities of weighing bridges. The Bilanciai SBP has no debris or water traps. The structure is designed to maintain its perfect performance in whatever condition. The galvanized steel frame offers a sturdy structure that is immune to rust. The weighing bridges maintain a high resale value due to their unparalleled durability.

The installation of the weighbridges is simple. The scales are useful in harsh operational areas and high traffic areas where there is a high frequency of application like at the port or in recycling plants. Surface and pit-mounted weighbridges are good for mines, quarries and processing plants. The Bilanciai SBP/M and SBP/M-SB can take on a weight of up to 80 tonnes. The weighbridges have earned their reputation as quality reliable weighing bridges following numerous positive reviews from users.

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