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Why You Need a Weighbridge

It can be challenging to operate a business that involves the transfer of goods by road or rail without a weighbridge.  While you have the option to use public weighbridges, they can be inconvenient when you have limited time to transport your goods. Getting a weighbridge has immense benefits, some of which are highlighted in this article.



1.     It Ensures Compliance to Weight Regulations

Every country has regional controls on the weight you can transport in heavy vehicles along certain roads. In Australia, the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) enforces these weight limits to protect public roads from damage. Weight classifications are also used to calculate taxes in some parts of the world.

You need a weighbridge because it will help you to comply with the regional regulations. Your company image could become tainted if your vehicles are frequently impounded for overloading.

2.     It Enhances the Safety of Your Trucks

Overloaded heavy vehicles are at risk of tipping and rolling over during critical driving maneuvers. This can be fatal for your drivers, and also cause you to lose valuable cargo. Also, a truck that rolls over may damage a lot of its components. A weighbridge can help you avoid overloading and effectively improve your safety.

One common cause of road and rail accidents are uneven loading of the cargo. Uneven loading means that the weight is not well distributed in your truck. Weighbridges can measure the weight of each axle of your truck. This will help you to ensure that the weight is evenly distributed in your trucks before they embark on a pick-up or delivery.

3.     It Enhances Logistical Efficiency

The success of a freight business largely depends on the efficiency of its logistics solutions. Maximizing the number of goods you can transport per litre of fuel can significantly increase your profits.

A weighbridge can help you to ensure that each of your trucks is efficiently loaded. Overloading can cost you a lot in fines and reduced engine performance. Inversely, it is costly to drive an empty or half full transport truck because you consume fuel and driver hours inefficiently.

4.     Reduces Maintenance Frequency

Uneven loading and overloading can put a strain on key components of your truck. These include bearings, shock absorbers, dampers, springs and many more. The uneven strain can cause your truck’s components to wear out faster and need replacement sooner.

You need a weighbridge so that you can constantly verify the loading of your trucks and prevent unnecessary break downs of your vehicle components.

5.     Saves Money

The cost of the products you are transporting is usually calculated based on weighbridge measurements. This is critical data that has no room for error. As a result, you may need to measure a single truck severally until you are confident that the weight measurement is accurate.

Doing repetitive measurements on a public weighbridge can be costly. You need a weighbridge so that you can measure each of your vehicles as much as you want before it leaves your factory. Your weighbridge can also help you to verify the weight of goods delivered to your site before you accept them.

In addition to the benefits listed here, owning a weighbridge can save your company time and give you immeasurable peace of mind. You can rest easy knowing that your goods are transported in the safest and most efficient way as far as weight is concerned.

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