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Why You Should Choose the Bilancial SPT – 28 Transportable Weighbridge

The Bilancial SPT – 28 is the latest in weighbridge technology that is set to raise the bar for quality and convenience when it comes to weighbridges. This is an above – ground weighbridge though and comes with a quite a few benefits for whoever is looking.

In this article, we will be looking at why the Bilancial SPT – 28 Transportable Weighbridge is a good choice.

Convenience in moving

The weighbridge grants user’s flexibility in installation. The major component parts of the weighbridge have already been assembled including the load cells. Some variations even come completely installed. However, the deck system of the weighbridge allows for half – panel rotation. Meaning that the entire component can be ‘folded’ and thus easily transported. The main variant of the bridge is an above – ground weighbridge. Increasing efficiency and convenience at the end of the user. Without the hassle of constantly assembling and disassembling the bridge, it can be easily moved around to other sites.

Resistance to corrosion and rusting

The weighbridge’s main component is stainless steel, which is a steel alloy composed of iron, chromium, carbon and nickel. This combination shares the toughness of the metals as well as their combined resistance to corrosion. Furthermore, this steel is pre-treated and subsequently coated with an anti-rust red oxide to prevent it from rusting. This implies a longer useful life for the weighbridge.

Flexibility in dimensions as well as capacity

The system’s modular structure allows for the addition of metal plates to lengthen the bridge; enabling you to measure longer trucks. Furthermore, the model comes in over six different variations that can measure anything from 20 tonnes to as much as 60 tonnes. These different variations come with different capacity factors in the load cells, ranging from 4 load cells to 8 load cells. This variety gives the owner the flexibility to construct the most appropriate weighbridge.

Digital Load Cells

As mentioned above, the model gives the option of having as many as eight load cells. These digital load cells come with an array of useful features. Firstly, these load cells have a locking mechanism in place to protect the integrity of the weighbridge during transportation. The load cells also have a self – centring supports which aid in the stabilisation of the weighbridge and thus making sure that weight is distributed equally on the bridge. This is important as a lopsided weight on the bridge could lead to the damaging of the load cells or sometimes even a slightly wrong weight.

Furthermore, these digital cells come with electrical load cell protection devices. Their purpose is to isolate the load cell they are assigned to and thus avoid overvoltage of the load cells reduce the risk of damage through any atmospheric discharge. It doesn’t end there though; each load cell connection comes with a junction box for overvoltage protection from phenomena such as lightning through short-circuiting the electrical circuit and preventing any serious damage.

Low Height

The model is only 28.5cm high over the ground, quite low by the standards of most weighbridges today. This is ideal for a surface mounted structure since as a collective, the entire structure won’t take up as much space since a long ramp is not needed. This means less space needed on the part of the consumer.

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